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Threading activities

Threading Apple

The small caterpillar can be threaded...

Price: R160,00

Threading Cheese

The cheese threading block is ideal for...

Price: R160,00

Lacing Zoo Blocks

Set includes 12 wooden zoo animal...

Price: R186,00

Lacing Farm Blocks

Set includes 12 wooden farm animal...

Price: R186,00

Number Bead Blocks

Includes 30 geometric blocks printed on...

Price: R240,00

100 Beads 22mm

100 beads 22mm with 5 laces. All...

Price: R152,00

Transport Stencils + Shapes

A useful pack of 2 base boards with 12...

Price: R60,00

50 Cotton Reels & Threader

Set of 50 cotton reels in 4 bright...

Price: R85,00

Animal Stencils + Shapes

Two different stencil boards complete...

Price: R60,00

Threading Shapes

A set of 4 sturdy plastic pictures...

Price: R35,00

Laces 10

10 Laces in a pack for threading...

Price: R25,60

Lacing Plank

Develop eye-hand co-ordination, spatial...

Price: R26,50

Lacing Fun Animals

Lacing fun is perfect for developing...

Price: R54,00

Lacing Fun Insects

Lacing fun is perfect for developing...

Price: R54,00

100 Counting Cubes

Cubes can be stacked and threaded. Can...

Price: R68,00

Wooden Thread-a-Bead

Threading is fun! It is a life skill...

Price: R145,00

Tom & Tandy Dress Up

Stimulates body awareness, imagination...

Price: R134,00

Dizzie Threader and Bead

Threading pen & lace & stopper - use...

Price: R17,50

Shape Bucket + Shapes

Pop the shapes into the bucket - thread...

Price: R56,50

Lacing Candy

Attractive lacing candy will draw...

Price: R120,00

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