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Sand & water play

Sand and Water Wheel

This fascinating sand and water wheel...

Price: R195,00

18cm Gowi Bucket

Quality 18cm plastic bucket with fun...

Price: R75,00

40cm Spade + Rake Set

durable 40cm Spade + Rake Set to use in...

Price: R65,00

Small Spade & Rake Set

Quality spade and rake set to use in...

Price: R42,50

Gowi Little Steamboat

Steamboat with a figure. Age 12months +

Price: R65,00


Gowi plasterer trowel, Age group: 3+

Price: R42,00

Mouse Sieve

Fill this brightly coloured Sieve with...

Price: R36,00

Gowi Water Pump

Fill this Waterpump with water, pump...

Price: R85,00

Watering Can

This brightly coloured Watering Can has...

Price: R80,00

Catch the Ducks Game

The plastic waterway is 93.5cm long,...

Price: R885,00

Plastic Funnel

Funnels can be used for sand and water...

Price: R8,35

Hand and Foot Moulds

These brilliant and unusual sand moulds...

Price: R86,00

HT Heavy Duty Spade

This 40cm. spade is made of durable...

Price: R80,00

Sand Scoop

Ideal for small hands to play with in...

Price: R10,00

Smile Bucket

Strong, sturdy plastic. Bucket 160mm...

Price: R20,00

Fun Rescue cars Dantoy 3 ass.

Price: R50,00

Toddler Beach Set

Perfect for imaginative roleplay. They...

Price: R84,00

Jumbo Transport Shape 3des

3 Large Transport Moulds - Car/...

Price: R32,00

Sand Moulds Teddy, Duck + Boy

Playing in the sand with these sand...

Price: R10,00

Big Sand Moulds 4 des

Available moulds; cat/dog/chick and...

Price: R26,00

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