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Language games & teaching aids

Blend Bingo / Skommel Trommel

Early words and blends for 2 - 6...

Price: R65,00

Roll & Build

Improve your vocabulary and spelling...

Price: R115,00

Word War

Flip the tiles, Build words, Have fun!!...

Price: R115,00

Spell Well

A spell binding game for 2 or more...

Price: R80,00

Memo Match

Match the Pictures. Spot the...

Price: R85,00

Spin & Spell Afk/Eng Each

Available in either English or...

Price: R65,00

Play 'n Spell

A fun game of association designed not...

Price: R90,50

More Play 'n Spell

Attractive word puzzles, which focus on...

Price: R90,50

Ek kan Skryf / I can Write

Hours of constructive practice for...

Price: R65,00

Alphabet / Alfabet

Leer die alfabet ken deur die korrekte...

Price: R48,00

Alpha Match in Eng or Afr

These colourful wooden 2-piece...

Price: R68,00

Alphabet Flash Cards/Flitskaarte

Alphabet Flash cards is available in...

Price: R55,00

Klankrym / Sound Snap Each

Available in English and Afrikaans. 12...

Price: R35,00

Spel-O-Bingo Afrikaans

Available in Eng and Afr. Leer om te...

Price: R65,00

Spell-O-Bingo English

A game for up to six players. Acquire...

Price: R65,00

Junior Speller

A beautifully illustrate, multi colored...

Price: R165,00

Spell and Build Words

An exciting way to learn and spell...

Price: R80,00

Beware and Take Care

Interesting, fun sequencing and memory...

Price: R75,00


Homophones, also known as Sound-Alike...

Price: R82,00

Alpha Match

These 26 colourful 26 self-correcting...

Price: R68,00

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