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Energetic play

Monkey Rope Ladder

Rope ladder has 5 plastic steps and is...

Price: R122,00

Pair of Super Stilts

Great fun! Learn to walk and balance by...

Price: R88,00

Step & Catch with Beanbag

A great way to help young children...

Price: R67,00

Hang Tough Rings

These plastic circular-shaped gym-rings...

Price: R55,00

Balancing Board

Balancing games encourage the...

Price: R170,00

Rubber Hands & Feet 8pce

Set includes 4 rubber hands and 4...

Price: R94,00

Heavy duty hula hoop 82cm

Extremely durable child-size hoops...

Price: R62,50

Mini Hula Hoop 46cm

Make up your own games of jumping and...

Price: R32,75

5 Beanbags Numbers & Dots

Add more play value to bean bag games,...

Price: R115,00

Bean Bag

Bean bags is easier to handle than a...

Price: R19,00

Plastic Skipping Rope

Plastic 'clip-together' handles for...

Price: R23,00

BB Cotton Skipping Rope

Skipping rope with wooden ball-bearing...

Price: R16,50

8cm Ball with Stubbles

Small 8cm Sensory Ball. Stimulate...

Price: R6,85

Wooden Roll a Ball

Tennis ball included. Learn to aim. ...

Price: R150,00

Traffic Cone

Suitable for playground use.

Price: R16,20

Throwing Ring

Learn to throw and catch this tactile...

Price: R33,50

Ball PVC 13"

Learn to throw and catch.

Price: R22,60

Brm Brm

Push this steering wheel around that is...

Price: R96,00

Road Signs 12 + 2 Stands

Features 2 stands and 12 traffic signs.

Price: R206,00

Ladybug Swing

Create an instant playground in you...

Price: R242,00

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