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Creative construction

Interstar Stars

Brightly coloured tactile star-shaped...

Price: R370,00

Interstar Links

Interstar Links is an ingenious...

Price: R400,00

Interstar Wheels

A fantastic construction set that can...

Price: R180,00

Interstar Stikablocks

Interstar stikablocks feature flat,...

Price: R400,00

Interstar Geometrix

Interstar Geometrix invites children to...

Price: R210,00

Interstar Bricks

Interstar Bricks is a product that...

Price: R475,00

Interstar Safari Boxed

Interstar 57 piece Safari set will...

Price: R320,00

Interstar Maths 30pce

With Interstar Maths, your children...

Price: R97,00

Interstar Animals

Interstar Animals is the perfect set to...

Price: R205,00

Squigz Starter Set

Suction cub builders in 8 versatile...

Price: R490,00

1000pce Bulk Lacy Blocks

Bright colours and easy-to-and science...

Price: R600,00

56pce Block Builder

Big Bright Blocks enabling children as...

Price: R600,00

Big Block Builder

24 giant-sized stacking blocks 4...

Price: R200,00

15pce ZOOB Jnr

This starter set includes 15 ZOOB...

Price: R315,00

Jnr ZOOB Pull Back

ZOOB Jnr. is on the roll! Kids build...

Price: R340,00


84 shapes - 28 triangles, 28 squares,...

Price: R210,00

Magic Rabbit Connectors in Multi Box

Colourful and strong construction...

Price: R85,00

Move & Groove

120 sturdy plastic pieces Circles,...

Price: R190,00

Pairing Nuts & Bolts in a Bag

A fun matching and sorting activity...

Price: R150,00

Play/Travel Building Brick Platform

Perfect building foundation with...

Price: R370,00

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